Seed & Sprout - Travel Utensil Pouch


Are you ready to give up plastic!

The Seed & Sprout Travel Utensil Pouch was designed to replace all those annoying bits of takeaway non-biodegradable landfill you try to avoid, but struggle to when you're out and about and caught unawares.

Ta-da! Behold the beautiful-looking, hard-working Seed & Sprout Travel Utensil Pouch, that replaces all that plastic nastiness. And it takes the 'how will I remember to bring it?' headache out of the scenario by fitting all 9 pieces into a quality, organic cotton bag.

Now all you need to remember is to say NO loud and proud when some plastic comes your way!

You receive:

  • 9-piece set
  • Lightweight travel knife, spoon, fork, chopsticks
  • Stainless Steel Straw
  • Vegan, natural-fibre straw cleaner
  • 1 x organic cotton napkins
  • Organic cotton pouch with wrist strap