Bottle Brush - Seed & Sprout

$12.00 AUD

Made from bamboo & plant fibre bristle, this brush is the plastic-free way to keep your sustainable drinkware squeaky clean. Pair with our Seed & Sprout Dish Bar, and you’ve got yourself a dream plastic-free cleaning duo!

The bamboo handle is easy to hold and use so you can get into those hard-to-reach places.

This beauty is perfect for water bottles, smoothie cups, tea flasks and all your other plastic free drinkware!

What You Get
- 1 x Bottle Brush made from bamboo & plant fibre bristles
Why We Love It
- Perfect for cleaning those hard-to-reach places
- No plastic in sight, never use a plastic brush again!
- Made from natural materials so you can compost at end of life
- Total length is 22.5cm
- Length of the bristles only is 11cm
- Widest part at the top of the bristles is 5cm
Use & Care
After use, allow the brushes to dry by either hanging up or standing on the bristles, allowing the water to flow away from moisture-sensitive areas.
If you need to clean your Bottle Brush, place it in a bowl of distilled white vinegar, rinse, shake off excess water and hang to dry.