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Couchy is for busy parents, organisation lovers or people who are sick and tired of trying to relax in a cluttered, messy living room.

These days, it seems like coffee tables have lost their way - what used to be a dedicated space to rest your morning brew is now piled with books, toys, phones, tablets and laptops. With so many devices, it's hard to keep track of all the remotes and accessories (which normally end up wedged behind a couch cushion).

With Couchy, those days are over! Keep your electronics, books, magazines and more within easy reach with this innovative organisation solution.

Couchy is made from high-quality felt. 

Installation - sling the Couchy over the arm of your sofa, and voila! It's ready to go. Couchy neatly stores all of your couchside essentials (including a sneaky bag of choccy biccies!) so you can relax and enjoy a quiet morning or movie night in peace. Get yours today!

The organiser is designed to fit all modern essentials and can easily fit a 13" laptop.

It fits the majority of standard couches and armchairs. You just slide the elongated flap under the cushion and Couchy hangs on the side of your couch supported by the weight of the cushion. A velcro strip at the end of the flap will ensure that your Couchy doesn't slip.


L = 34cm/13.4" W = 8cm/3.15" H = 25cm/9.85"
Flap that goes under the mattress length = 90cm

Polyester felt:

Polyester felt + cotton trimming

Care instructions:

Hand wash with cool water and soap.


Silver and Charcoal