Indoor Plant Foliage Spray | Munash Organics

$15.00 AUD

A natural mineral spray made especially for Indoor Plants.

This gentle blend of minerals derived from the sea will give your leaves a nourishing boost, keeping them healthy, green and happy.

Munash Organics are a local Victorian family-owned business who worked with nature to bring you the best natural additions to perk up your soil and make your plants thrive.

100% Safe 100% Natural Organic Input


Rock minerals(basalt/granite)with natural microbes.

Calcium(Ca) 5%,Potassium(K) 2.5%, Iron(Fe) 6.0%,Magnesium(Mg) 2.0%, Manganese(Mn) 0.65%, Carbon(C) 0.45%,Phosphorous(P) ).16%

How to

Spread a fine layer around the base of the soil(1 teaspoon every two months).

For best results, combine with potting mix before planting.