Kiddy | Bedside Organiser for Kids- MYLE

$33.95 AUD $47.95


Kiddy organiser is designed with needs of kids and parents in mind. It's larger than the original Beddy bedside organiser and has a dedicated water holder, so you or your little one stays hydrated all the time.

It is flexible, durable and adaptable, with pockets of varying sizes to securely store books, toys and other bedtime essentials - all that within easy reach on the side of the bed. With a child-friendly, innovative design, it's a wonderful way to encourage your kids to keep their space clean.

New parents love the Kiddy bedside organiser, too, with plenty of space to store baby essentials like bottles, spare nappies and washcloths.

Kids organiser is available in our classic silver colours and a choice of pink or blue trimming.

The organiser fits 99.9% of children's beds, including bunk beds, slat beds, cots and more. Installation is so easy, your kids can do it themselves.

Just slide the elongated flap under your mattress and it will stay safe and secure under its weight.

Kiddy organiser is designed to fit common items a child or a new parent might need: books, toys, glasses, tissues, water or feeding bottle, nursing pads, etc.


L = 40cm/15.7" W = 8cm/3.15" H = 26cm/10.2"
Flap that goes under the mattress length = 26cm


Polyester felt + cotton trimming

Care instructions:

Hand wash with cool water and soap.


Pink & Blue