Leopard Print Kids Wired Headband

$15.00 AUD

HoozHoo gorgeous Kids Wired Headbands are made from a variety of quality fabrics. The Leopard Print Kids Wired Headband is made from a soft Cotton blend.

They are are approximately 4.5cm wide x 44cm long and sit perfectly around your Childs head. They can be worn numerous ways. Making a bow/rosette at the top, tucking the ends in at the sides, tucking the ends in at the bottom of you head, the list goes on, just use your imagination.

Care Instructions: Cold hand wash. Dry in shade. Warm to hot iron.

All HoozHoo Wired Headbands are lovingly handmade on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

When your headband arrives stretch it out so that the wire becomes nice & straight.

Hold headband by the two ends and place at back of neck, making sure wire is furtherest away from the ears. 

Next, twist wire to form a bow. You can tuck ends under the headband for a different look.

You can also place headband at top of head and twist the two ends at the back of the neck.

You may want to wear headband over the ears or behind the ears.

I am sure you will find lots of different ways to wear your headband.