'Moops' Blue Stud + Slate Grey Stripe Statement Dangles

$29.00 AUD $34.95

Statement Dangles To Rock Your Lobes!

Super light weight + fantastic for sensitive ears, designed and hand made by Pink Nade.

Materials: 3mm Black Gloss, White Etched Painted Acrylic. 8mm Flat Pad 304 Surgical Stainless Steel Posts. 
Measurements: Stud top measuring 2cm with the dangle measuring 5cm in length, total length of 7cm.

Please note: Pink Nad endeavour to represent each colour as closely as possible. Due to differences in computer screens it can be difficult to represent each colour as they appear. Each pair of earrings are completely unique, the pair you receive may not be the actual pair in the photo. Some of the foiled acrylics are even more so unique and every single piece is completely different. The foil floats in a clear acrylic, sometimes it may not be evenly spaced but this adds to the individuality of each pair.