PAW Patrol Play Pouch

$45.00 AUD

PAW Patrol Play Pouch - the ultimate toy storage solution for pups and vehicles! 🐾

The Perfect Home for Your Pups Say goodbye to toy clutter!

With the PAW Patrol Play Pouch, you can keep all your favorite PAW Patrol pups and playsets in one convenient and organized place.

No more searching for misplaced toys or stepping on scattered pieces – just open the Pouch and let the fun begin! 🐾

Quick Cleanup, Hassle-Free Fun! Tired of spending hours cleaning up after playtime?

The PAW Patrol Play Pouch makes tidying up a breeze!

When playtime is over, simply gather all the toys, pull the ropes, and watch the Play Pouch magically transform into a neat, compact compact storage bag.

It's the ultimate hassle-free cleanup solution for busy parents and eager young adventurers!

  • Made from durable fabric, rope and high quality eyelets
  • Handy zip pocket for hard to find treasures and valuables 
  • Perfect for PAW Patrol pups and accessories
  • Approximately 140cm/55" in diameter when open