Peace Out Teabag Trio

$10.00 AUD $20.00
By T2 Tea

A trio of wellness? We’ve got it in the bag. Soothe yourself with Sleep Tight, Tummy Tea and The Quiet Mind.

Net Wt. 48g / 1.6oz
Stock your wellness pantry with three of our most Zen-inducing herbals. Sleep Tight’s there to tuck you in, Tummy Tea will soothe what ails you, and The Quiet Mind will, well, quiet your mind. Mmmm, dreamy.

What's in the box?

Contains 3 x 8 Herbal Tisane Teabags in Mini Cubes:

  • 8 x Sleep Tight (1.5g ea)
  • 8 x The Quiet Mind (3g ea)
  • 8 x Tummy Tea (1.5g ea)


Sleep Tight:

Lemon balm, lavender, jasmine blossoms, rose petals
The Quiet Mind:
Rosehip, apple, peppermint, chamomile (5%), ashwagandha root (4%), elderberry, lemongrass, lavender, sage, strawberry leaves, eucalyptus (2%), linden, natural flavouring, ginseng, blue mallow petals, echinacea
Tummy Tea:
Peppermint, liquorice root, fennel, marigold petals