Rockdust 3kg | Munash Organics

$25.00 AUD

Munash Organics Rockdust is a unique formula which was developed on our organic family farm in Central Victoria.


Rockdust loves your soil. It nourishes and re balances the soil with up to 100 minerals giving new life and enhancing the nutrients your plants digest. Soil is its own living ecosystem, it has developed from geologic materials including as rocks, granite, limestone, and sediments. The soil is what supplies all the water, nutrients and minerals essential for plant growth.

When a plant uses up all this goodness in the surrounding soil, it needs to be replaced. Munash Rockdust is a natural mineral fertiliser, which replaces what has been removed from the soil. It recreates the natural process that occurs in the earth to restore soil to its proper level of health.

How to Use

Spread a thin layer of rock dust over the top of you plants and soil, which will feed and nourish them.

Enhance the health of your plants by combining Munash Organics Renew with your Rockdust.