Sachi Cotton String Bag Long Handle - Avocado

$6.95 AUD $9.95

Choose to go green every grocery or market day by taking the Appetito Cotton String Bag when shopping. With this lightweight bag in your tote, you can have an extra bag to carry your fresh produce without adding to plastic or paper wastes.
Support the reuse campaign in style with this eco-friendly mesh bag in vibrant avocado shade.

Key Features:

  • Durable bag made of 100% cotton string with an attractive woven netting design
  • Lightweight carrier that can stretch to accommodate larger items and carry up to 14kg
  • Comes with two sturdy long handles to fit comfortably on your hand or shoulder
  • Versatile bag to hold your groceries, laundry, travel essentials, gym clothes, and more
  • Compact and folds or rolls up neatly to easily slip into your purse or car glove compartment
  • Reusable and eco-friendly tote that naturally biodegrades when disposed and helps limit the use of plastic or paper bags