Salt & Rainbows - Moon-day ritual soak 150g

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Historically Monday is the day of the moon. So on Mondays we like to banish what is getting us down and start the week fresh.

This blend of European magnesium flakes , organic botanicals and pure essential oils is perfect for when you need a fresh mindset to get you back on track. Lavender, ylang ylang, clary sage, and bergamot essential oils help reduce anxiety and bring calmness to give you the clarity you need to make decisions and start your week on a clean slate.

To give this soak an extra boost, use it on a full moon or new moon.

Directions: Place a few tablespoons of Moon-Day Ritual Soak in a warm running bath, and allow yourself to relax in her beauty. To amplify her power, place the piece of moonstone in the bath or keep her near whilst bathing.

If you would rather not have dried flowers and herbs floating in your bath, place a couple of tablespoons of the soak into the organic reusable cotton bag, tie up the bag and pop it in your warm bath to soak.

Ingredients:  magnesium chloride, pink Himalayan rock salt, organic juniper berries, organic lavender flowers, ylang ylang essential oil, lavender essential oil, clary sage essential oil, bergamot essential oil. Moonstone.

Note: If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have sensitive skin please consult a doctor before using our ritual soaks.