Seed & Sprout- Eco Brush Set

$69.00 AUD $79.00

Who knew 5 scrubbers could look this classy?! 

Did you know that most brushes, even ones called 'eco friendly', use either plastic bristles or animal hair bristles? No thank you!

The Seed & Sprout Eco Brush Set is all-natural and made with no animal by-products; instead, the handles are made from sustainable bamboo, with 100% plant fibre for the bristles. 

What you receive:

  • You get 5 brushes, including an oval scrubbing brush, a dish washer, a pot scrubber, a vegetable brush (with the round handle) and a bottle brush 
  • 100% plant-fibre, non-plastic bristles 
  • Sustainable bamboo handles; they're completely vegan
  • Suitable for kitchen AND bathroom

These stylish scrubbers only harm dirt, not the planet.

Care instructions: 
After use, allow the brushes to dry by either hanging up or standing on the bristles, allowing the water to flow away from moisture-sensitive areas.