2 Pot Set - Forest- Seed & Sprout

$25.00 AUD

These Seed & Sprout small yet devious pots will efficiently contain your leakier foodstuffs, thanks to their tough, tight-fitting silicone lids (that are still surprisingly easy to get off, even for small fingers). 

These beauties are perfect for keeping crackers safe from their dips, and salads crunchy and free of dressing until mealtime! 

Put them in your lunchbox - or your kid's (they've been specifically made to fit the CrunchBox sections) and you'll never again experience that moment of, please no, oh god, my vinaigrette is now dressing the contents my bag.

    Available in brand new colour, Forest.

    What You Get
    2 x Leak-Proof Pots - one round (50ml) & one rectangular (100ml) with a silicone lid
    What to love!
    - Made of premium food-grade stainless steel with food-safe silicone lids that peel off easily (BPA and plastic free)
    -Dishwasher safe

    - Perfect size for cut-up carrots and hummus

    - Super leak proof and have a bit of extra room due to the stretch in the silicone lid

    - Perfect for an eco friendly lunch box

    - Use them everyday and they'll still look brand new.

    - The mini pots can be used for vitamins or jewellery when travelling!

    The round pot has 50ml capacity & the rectangular pot has 100ml capacity
    Use & Care
    Wash prior to first use. Dishwasher safe or hand wash and drain to dry. Ensure items are dry prior to storage.
    Product Certifications
    - 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel

    - Premium grade Silicone LFGB certified and FDA Approved