Seed & Sprout - Organic Pocket Tote Shopping Bag

$49.00 AUD

Hate the sound of jars clinking together in your grocery bags, and fear your bananas are getting mashed on the way home?

The Seed & Sprout Organic Pocket Tote Shopping Bag is practical beyond belief - you’ll only realise how awesome it is after you start using it. If you're ready to go totally plastic-free when you shop, heading from bulk food store to market to the butcher, you need this.

It's stylish in a natural, minimalist way!

Made from sturdy GOTS certified organic canvas, it features 6 large internal pockets to keep things organised, balance weights, and stop jars and veggies from banging up against each other.

It carries an average of 3 standard bag loads... May your melon never squash your loaf again!

Materials: Organic cotton canvas

Care Instructions: Wash in cold water and line dry. Organic cotton shrinks when exposed to heat

Measurements: W40cm x H31cm (H61cm with straps)