Signature DIY Wax Blend

$14.00 AUD $17.00

Signature Little Bumble DIY Wax Blend

Are you interested in making your own wraps?
Do you need to refresh your existing wraps?

Signature Little Bumble DIY Wax Blend already contains all the ingredients you need - Australian Beeswax (or plant-based waxes), Natural Tree Resin, Jojoba Oil and Coconut Oil. These are pre-blended in the right ratio so you can achieve perfect results everytime!

Little Bumble's wax blend comes in a no-grate sheet, with full instructions included. It couldn't be easier! Just snap off the amount you need and follow the instructions using our 'less mess' ironing method, meaning you're not left with a heap of waxy utensils and trays. 

How much wax should I use? 

Size of Fabric Making Wraps from Scratch Refreshing Existing Wraps
Mini 15cm 10g 3g
XSmall 20cm 15g 4g
Small 25cm 20g 7g
Medium 30cm 35g 9g
Large 35cm 45g 12g
XLarge 40cm 55g 14g
Jumbo 45cm 70g 18g