Singapore Breakfast Loose Leaf - 100g

$17.00 AUD
By tea

A surprising combo of green and black teas with coconut and pandan flavours and a moreish nuttiness.

Reminiscent of kaya toast, this mix of puerh, GMC, coconut and pandan sings with richly sweet, toasty and coconutty flavours. Heavenly alongside the real deal, this sweet tea is the ultimate ode to Singapore’s beloved national breakfast.


Pu-erh black tea (52%), gen mai cha green tea (green tea (55%), roasted rice, popped rice), coconut chips (10%)(coconut, cane sugar), natural and artificial flavourings, artificial pandan flavouring (3%)


Brewing Guide
brewing quantity 1 tsp per cup
brewing time 2-4 mins
brewing degrees 90°C (194°F)