The Breakfast Bunch Tea Bag Gift Pack

$35.00 AUD
By T2 Tea

Start your day with a trip ‘round the world!

Start your day with a trip ‘round the world! Have breakfast under the Big Apple, on Orchard Road or on top of the Opera House with a menu of T2 city breakfast teas.

  • 20 teabags in individual sachets.
  • Packed into a limited-edition, reusable tin to keep your tea fresh.
  • It makes the perfect gift for a tea lover (or better, for yourself!).

From fruits to spices, tea leaves to herb bushes, 100% of our tea is sustainably sourced.

What’s in the Box?

  • 2 x Adelaide Breakfast, black tea filled with cranberry, grape and blackberry notes.
  • 2 x Brisbane Breakfast, a full-bodied black tea with vibrant tropical mango pieces.
  • 2 x Canberra Breakfast, black tea with flavours inspired by ANZAC biscuits plus a rose twist.
  • 2 x English Breakfast, a robust, coppery Sri Lankan tea with brisk, bold flavours.
  • 1 x Irish Breakfast is a rich, robust, malty black tea with a slightly sweet finish.
  • 2 x Melbourne Breakfast is a full-bodied black tea with vanilla.
  • 2 x New York Breakfast is sweet and biscuity on a black tea base.
  • 1 x New Zealand Breakfast is black tea with a kiwi fruit twist.
  • 2 x Scots Breakfast is a black tea with sweet chocolatey oats.
  • 2 x Singapore Breakfast with notes reminiscent of kaya toast.
  • 2 x Sydney Breakfast is a full-bodied black tea with a hint of bergamot.

Dimensions: 14.6cm x 10.6cm x 9.6cm


Adelaide Breakfast:
Black tea, cranberry bits (5%) (cranberries, sugar, anti-caking agent: sunflower oil), artificial flavouring, lemongrass (1%), sweet blackberry leaves (1%)

Brisbane Breakfast:
Black tea, natural and artificial mango flavouring

Canberra Breakfast:
Black tea, cacao husks, oat flakes (10%), cinnamon, coconut chips (5%), natural and artificial flavouring, rose petals (0.5%)

English Breakfast:
Black tea

Irish Breakfast:
Black tea

Melbourne Breakfast:
Black tea, artificial vanilla flavouring

New York Breakfast:
Black tea, cinnamon, natural and artificial flavouring, vanilla

New Zealand Breakfast:
Black tea, kiwi fruit, natural and artificial flavouring

Scots Breakfast:
Black tea, oat flakes (10%), cocoa husks, cinnamon (5%), natural and artificial flavouring

Singapore Breakfast:
Pu-erh black tea (52%), gen mai cha green tea (green tea (55%), roasted rice, popped rice), coconut chips (10%)(coconut, cane sugar), natural and artificial flavourings, artificial pandan flavouring (3%)

Sydney Breakfast:
Black tea, bergamot natural flavouring