The Shampoo Bar - Pink Grapefruit - Seed & Sprout

$12.00 USD

The Pink Grapefruit essential oil in this Shampoo Bar acts as a potent antibacterial and antifungal agent, creating a natural and powerful cleanse. It'll leave your hair feeling revitalized, deeply cleansed and smelling like a tropical wonderland!

Ideal for: hair that's in need of an ultra-clarifying wash to remove excess oil and impurities. This formula will leave your hair feeling clean, healthy, and shiny.

Australian-made, zero waste, and a 100% Certified Palm Oil Free Shampoo Bar.

A favourite for those of us with oily hair, is often in the ocean, or swimming pools or need an extra refresh, this Bar is colour-safe and Curly Girl Method Approved.

Did you know 1 bar is the equivalent to 3.5 plastic bottles? Imagine all the plastic shampoo bottles you could save by making this simple switch! We promise once you make the switch to our Bars you won't go back...! Good for you, good for the planet.

Directions: Work the bar through your wet hair and it will lather up beautifully in seconds. Massage into your scalp & roots, then rinse. For best results, follow with our Conditioner Bar.

Ingredients: - Moroccan Argan Oil: This nutrient-rich oil is used to enhance hair lustre and repair damaged fibres, leaving the hair soft, smooth and hydrated.
- Pink Grapefruit Oil: Pink grapefruit oil is sharp and fresh is aroma, with potent citrus notes. Its high concentration of limonene contributes to its ability to reinvigorate and revitalise.
- Red Clay: As a clay, hematite is extremely porous, giving it the ability to absorb dirt and impurities from the skin and hair. After use, skin and hair feels thoroughly cleansed and refreshed.

Size: 80g.

Made in Australia

Orangutan Alliance Certified 100% Palm Oil Free